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Who are we & What we do

iPro® Systems began in 2009, when independent retailers needed a way to capture scan data for promotional deals offered from manufacturers.

In 2012, we worked with key food manufacturers to expand the capabilities using the scan data we had been capturing for 3 years, including pay for performance, Transactional Promotions, and accurate movement data.

What does iPro® Do?

The Opportunity

While technology has exploded everywhere, there is still a challenge among the independent grocery world to obtain competitive pricing due to lack of transactional verification. We have closed the gap on the ability to run tiered programs, consumer programming, and overlays on EDLC and TPR products through our easy to use contract.

Stores can see daily what deals they’re missing out on, as well as what they’ve earned, so they can manage their store’s pricing and available offers.

Using the iPro® system is both beneficial for retailers and manufacturers!

In today's world, we realize you may not always be next to your computer to check contracts and results, which is why we built a website that is smartphone and tablet friendly! Now, even on the go, you can be in the know on your business.

Instantly search, order, and print with our intuitive ordering grid. Search reports and other metrics in real-time.


Our Toolbox

The Results

Retailers- iPro® systems gives retailers the ability to see exactly what is happening in their stores. Daily alerts are sent to the stores managers, or owner depending on how the store is set up, so they know exactly what deals are available and what deals they’re missing out on. Retailers have seen sales growth from 7-9%, while non-iPro stores in the same area are up 3-4%. There’s also additional funding that is available to our retailers. We have partnered with our vendors to offer exclusive promotions, so you’ll get the lowest cost of goods possible.

Manufacturers- iPro® systems allows manufacturers to monitor the pricing on their products, on promotion or off promotion. iPro® systems on average, has saved our vendors 20-30% on promotional scan invoices. This opens up additional, incremental promotional opportunities for manufacturers, driving sales and sell through at independent retailers.

Our Clients

The Team

Headquartered in Hendersonville, TN (North East of Nashville), our mission is to help the independent grocery store remain a vibrant and relevant part of their local communities. We work with retailers in rural, suburban, and urban markets across the country. Our retailers offer a variety of platforms; including convenience stores, neighborhood markets, cost plus, and mainstream supermarkets.

We believe the power and flexibility of our software enables us to provide retailers and Consumer Product Manufacturers (CPGs) with valuable insight into the data driving their businesses.Our software design philosophy is built around the idea that retailers and CPGs need actionable data versus tools that result in data overload and analysis paralysis.

We also work with CPGs so they get the most value for their promotional revenue dollars enabling them to invest additional funds into the independent retailer community. We believe our tools redefine the promotional revenue model resulting in mutual benefit for both retailers and CPGs.

Our team consists of technology and business professionals, dedicated to leveling the playing field so independent grocery retailers get similar promotional revenue opportunities as national chains. We use our knowledge gained from past experience working in the grocery, CPG, wholesale and other industries to create solutions uniquely crafted for the independent grocer.